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Our goal at Avalia is to make learning more industry oriented and hassle free for your students and faculty, our platform’s engaging features will help you create exactly that.

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Building simple technologies to help you teach and learn, better.


-Suman, HP

“Traditionalism with technology can make a great system, the traditional guru culture when added with technology that takes care of the scheduling, monitoring, testing, grading, reporting, data storing etc, means we have something powerful in our hands. Avalia’s CLE is a great product for entire education system.”

-Balaji, Capgemini.

“I am not surprised to see that students are embracing the Corporate Learning Environment model quickly, I believe learning such formal things at the college level will be very useful in adapting themselves to the corporate work style when they step into jobs. The training system is very robust too, with many efficient features.”

-Vishal Lakhmani, CUIM.

Avalia’s Corporate Learning Environment, its user friendly and socially rich features has revolutionized our way we learn our courses. It also brought many industry experts from different parts of the world to engage with us.

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